Find the best multitool

What Is Find the Best Multitool?

A search engine for finding multi-tools and swiss army knives. You choose what tools you want your multi-tool to have and it finds the best multi-tools and swiss army knives with those tools.

How Do I Use Find the Best Multitool?

Select the tools you require in your multi-tool and the brands you want shown. There are dozens of different tools in the database and you can see more of them by clicking the 'more' button or using the search box.

You can also choose wether to display only butterfly-type multitools or swiss army knives or both.

Selecting a higher value of max tools will show more multitools but these may have many tools you don't need.

In addition you can choose the maximum weight of the multitool you require and whether it should be locking or non-locking

Hit the 'find multitools' button and a list of the most suitable multi-tools is shown with links to buy them on Amazon.

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